Steve Marini from Milan has always been into pure fitness since his teens. With great admiration to the United States and their way of interpreting the fitness and wellness world. In his college years Steve studied at the Higher Institute of Physical Education (ISEF) in Lombardy (Italy) and, not surprisingly, obtained a certificate from the International Sports Sciences Association (one of the Top 5 associations that award international certifications for personal training). Steve Marini at Porta Garibaldi in Milan

He also served for 1 year in the Italian military Police known as ‘Carabinieri’ doing Patrol service and anti-mafia missions. After which he specialized in other activities such as lifeguarding, aqua fitness, electro-stimulation, TRX, ViPR and Zone Consultant for Enervit. Recently, he was certified with the exclusive Personal Training Certification from PTAGlobal, the first Italian to have achieved such certification.

Fitness Career

Employed in the fitness world since 1990, both in Italy and the United States. He has had the opportunity to work with the fitness managers of a chain of important fitness clubs in New York. Today, Steve works at the Aspria-Harbour Club in Milan as a fitness manager and personal trainer. Aspria is one of the most prestigious chain of premium clubs and spas throughout Europe. Steve actively takes part in consulting several magazines of the Mondadori Group and has been featured in them as a fitness model.

Media Appearances

In some cases he has had the opportunity to present for private television networks and sports magazines. His greatest passion is traveling, especially to the United States, visiting almost yearly, with many friends and contacts in the fitness world. Besides the United States, Steve can often be found in the East, enjoying Asian culture. With a passion to train constantly and keeping oneself in top form, particularly with regard to nutrition and diet supplements. As a people person, Steve enjoys to give advice and (healthy) food for thought on his blog and other social media networks. logos biography steve marini